Typical quotation procedure;


Quotation costs and agreed schedule of work

Excluding very minor tasks, a site assessment visit is normally made, then a written quotation (print or e-mail) detailing the schedule of work and total cost is provided. Some tasks can be achieved in more than one way, so a quotation may have some selectable options and a variable price structure.

Duration of work

The actual time take to complete a job can vary due to numerous factors; Building structure, walls, ceilings and floors and the ease of access to concealed cables. Furniture and/or floor coverings that need to be moved or lifted. Other trades builders, plasterers, plumbers, kitchen or bathroom fitters, loft insulation fitters etc. can slow a job down, or necessitate multiple visits while different stages of work are completed.

Any durations quoted are best guess estimates of the probable time a job may take, based on past experience and site evaluation. It is primarily to give the client a rough idea of how long any disruption or access to a property may be needed. Although the actual duration of the job may differ from this estimate, the labour cost quoted is fixed as the price for the job. If the job takes longer, (or shorter), the labour cost stays as per the written agreement.

Variations to quoted costs

The agreed costs will only vary if the actual schedule of work is amended. Such as additional items added to, or items removed from the quoted work schedule. Or if the specification of the type of item fitted changes. e.g. Additional socket fitted, or second light no longer required, or decorative stainless instead of white plastic accessories, would all result in amended price. Whereas a job taking 10 hours instead of an estimated 8 hours would not amend the final price.

Urgent or unplanned work.

Some tasks are of an urgent or non quoted nature, fault finding investigations and periodic inspection and testing are typical tasks where it is impossible to know what you will find or what needs to be done until you actually commence the work. In these situations a typical minimum and maximum price are given for an estimated duration to achieve the requested task.

Standard procedure

Due to potential fluctuating material costs, all quotes given are only valid for a specific time up until a expiry date, after which costs may be subject to change.   SM Services is not a VAT registered company, so all material prices quoted include the standard VAT rate as applied by suppliers.  SM Services will not order any materials for a job and work will not commence until a formal acceptance of the quotation. 

(For a few long term regular customers some ad-hoc, unquoted work is undertaken on a verbal agreement only)

Payment terms 

Dependent upon the size and value of the agreed works, an initial part payment and/or interim stage payments may required. Typically an initial part payment covering the cost of purchased materials is due on the day work commences. Interim payments are due on the timescales or stages of work itemised on the quotation.  Full final balance payments are due within 10 days of invoice following completion of works.

Payments can be;  Cash  or  Cheque payable to “SM SERVICES”.   Or by  electronic BACS/FPS transfer to Sort Code & Account number given on the invoice. (On larger contracts, discounts may be offered for prompt BACS payment.)

SM Services is happy to accept payment by cheque for as long as banks will still issue and accept them. Unfortunately SM Services cannot accept payment by Debit or Credit card, due to the operating & handling charges for small traders.

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