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Additional information on electrical industry guidance and safety can be found at the NICEIC website  where they also have a specific area for householders:

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The Electrical Safety Council Website:  has an advice page for the general public, with numerous leaflets, guides and downloads available:


Building regulations guidance can be found in various ‘approved documents’ at the governments planning portal:     GOVUK

Electricians who are able to self certify their work as compliant with Building regulations will be a member of one of the industry recognised trade bodies.  Membership can be verified on the Electrical Competent Person Register. Where electrical contractors can be searched by name or postcode, the search facility lists all electricians registered to work for householders in England and Wales. (Part-P building regulations is not applicable in Scotland.)      REG COMP PERSON LOGO

Some customers prefer to source their own materials, especially when looking for specific decorative items such as light fittings. The internet provides a wide resource for searching and selecting that particular light to match your taste. Numerous on-line sites open to trade and the general public are available, some have outlets offering branch click-and-collect as well as courier service delivery. A small selection of website links are listed below.

Some light fitting or light bulb suppliers;     LIGHT A HOME LOGO     light bulbs direct      Light bulb company      LYCO LOGO

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Tools, materials, accessories suppliers;     screwfix-logo     TLC LOGO     ts-logo      QVS LOGO

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As well as the traditional DIY & warehouse type outlets;

B&Q  (     site-logo     HOMEBASELOGO     wickes-logo-176X105

Wilkinsons  (      wilkinsons

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There are numerous specialist LED lighting suppliers, often purely Web-based;     LEDHUT LOGO     LIGHT RABBIT LOGO     NOVELENERGY LOGO

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In certain specialist applications there may be a need for a double insulated or ClassII light fitting. (these are items that do not require an earth connection). In which case Double Insulated lighting has a wide rage of choice.   (part of Light A Home)     double insulated lighting logo

Other various links.

If you are looking for Website Hosting & other related services, try CLOUD-9-DYNAMICS:      CLOUD9 LOGO       ( is hosted by Cloud-9-Dynamics)

To discuss electrical related issues, problems or just general chat, with a like minded impartial third party, internet forums provide easy free advice:     TEF_New_Logo_Catamaran_jpg_17a7dd243d45239406e38a80408693fa

Various social media sites have chat, info and recommendations relating to your local neighbourhood area. During 2014 the popular “StreetLife” site was sold to “Nextdoor”.  These sites group members around their postcode locations, in an attempt to keep news and comment local to your home area.       (Including some former members adopted from )  streetlifelogo      

For those who use Facebook many towns have their own local Facebook page, some former “Streetlife” members set up a page for Stourbridge and its surrounding area, following the change to “Nextdoor”        

Traditional online advertising and phone book style listings are still available at (SM Services)      image005

Safety campaign to halt the sale and use of dangerous Socket Covers;  { BS 1363- is the part of the standard which covers plugs, BS 1363-2 applies to sockets and includes (in the scope) the following words: “Socket-outlets conforming to this standard are shuttered and therefore do not require the use of additional means to shield the current-carrying contacts when no plug is present in the socket-outlet.” }  Follow the link to read the full article:-

Fatally Flawed website        

Check your internet speeds.

Various sites offer applications to measure your upload and download speeds. To check if your speeds are accurate to those specified by your internet provider log onto sites such as SPEEDTEST.NET:-                 speedtest

Actual speeds will vary during the day dependent upon overall internet traffic in your area and if you speedtest-beginare using fixed cable connection or Wi-Fi connection.  Internal building structure, position of your router and the number of other devices logged onto your router, (Phones, Pads, PC’s, Game consoles) will all reduce the overall speeds to an individual item. So to verify the speeds at your router it is best to plug a Laptop or PC directly into your router, (make sure it is not in the middle of doing updates to its own operating system etc.)  Then logon to SpeedTest and press “Begin Test”.

{Ignore other advertising options on the page to scan or analyse your PC}  

A Download test will be done followed by an Upload test, The maximum speeds from each test will be visible in the boxes once both tests are complete. Remember standard domestic internet connections have much faster download speeds, (the internet sending data to you, webpages, music & video etc), than upload speeds, (you sending data to the internet, e.g. search request, login details etc).

e.g.  Down: down      Up: up      Results: up-and-down

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