How can I contact SM Services?


Whether you need a quote for new work, fault investigated, or just a question you want answering,  there are several ways to contact SM Services;  Please use the one you find most convenient;

Land-line (inc answer phone): 01384 378029

Mobile or Text: 07808 613946


(snail-mail) Post:  SM Services,  4 Stanley Road,    Norton, Stourbridge,  West Midlands   DY8 2DN

Or you could send a message directly below:


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Hours of business (Work):  Stuart Mills generally tries to keep weekends free for family and personal commitments. However a flexible approach and mutually acceptable working times can be arranged to undertake SM Services work outside of the normal working weekdays.

Hours of business (Response to enquiries):  Communications are normally monitored 24-7, 365-days a year  and SM Services will try to reply as soon as possible. However during busy periods, weekends or holidays etc, it may be greater than 24 hours before e-mails, texts, answer phone or voice mails are checked or responded to.

Please note, due to the public nature of SM Services contact details, on multiple internet sites, there can on occasions be a significant portion of ‘cold-call’, ‘junk’, ‘spam’, advertising messages by phone, e-mails, texts etc, that sometimes clutter the genuine SM Services incoming messages portals. And as SM Services does not have additional staff to handle any of the daily administration tasks, all work, including; site visits, quotations, ordering materials, managing suppliers accounts, booking work diary, undertaking the actual installation or fault investigation work, writing invoices, electrical certificates or any other relevant reports and answering all communications verbally or electronically etc. has to be prioritised, managed and undertaken as efficiently as possible on a daily basis. 

Numerous external factors can alter the daily planned workload, with ripple-on effects to how quickly other tasks can be accomplished. Quite often phone calls cannot easily or safely be answered whilst driving, collecting materials from suppliers, during meetings/discussions with other customers, or part way though some work tasks such as drilling, ladder work etc. On the occasions where I am unable to answer a phone call immediately please do not hesitate to leave a message, or send a text or e-mail, so that I can get back to you.

Emergency call out work:  As a small business SM Services will endeavour to accommodate urgent work as promptly as possible, however as a general rule the weekly diary is finalised 2weeks ahead so it may be a few days before urgent work can be undertaken.

Whatever method of communication you prefer, you can be assured you will not be placed on an automated queuing answering service, at a remote call centre, speaking to a stranger with no direct knowledge of any previous work history or unqualified to give an accurate answer relating to previous or proposed new work. Nor will you receive a generic automatically generated e-mail reply to any enquires you make.

You can also be confident that any contact details you leave with SM Services will never used, passed on or sold to any third party for any unsolicited marketing purposes. See “Data Protection” page for greater detail about how SM Services uses customer data.

Please also remember that speed, cost, availability and quality of work can sometimes have mutually exclusive elements.

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